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January 13, 2021
Made of high-quality leather by the long-established German tanner “Perlinger”. The case for iPhone, multi-case for Android and phone case are now available!
FOX.INC (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Michinori Isohata, hereinafter referred to as FOX) is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of iPhone 12 cases and other smartphone cases in new colors, made from “SHRUNKEN CALF”, the finest leather from German tanner Perlinger.

LORNA PASSONI is committed to use only the most authentic materials, and uses the finest Premium Leather in Europe. Our skilled craftsmen passionately create each product one by one, selecting items that prioritize materials, usability, and design with the intention of supporting the “tools of daily life” as something that makes you feel better and superior.

■About Shrunken Calf
The material, Shrunken Calf, is the famous leather of Perlinger, a famous German tanner established in 1864 that supplies the highest quality leather, and is made from calf within 6 months of birth. It is characterized by its unique grainy texture that makes it look glossy and gentle, and its toughness against water and scratches. Hand-made one by one by skilled craftsmen, it is a product with the highest level of perfection.

■About the product lineup
【German Shrunken Calf Folio Case】
This pocketbook case will give you an intelligent, mature and stylish lifestyle. The iPhone case is made of the finest premium leather in Europe. The case is also functional with a card pocket that can hold three cards, receipts, and memos.
It will be available in 10 colors:「Black x Black」「Purple Rose x Black」「Navy x Red」「Pink x Taupe」「Light Gray x Purple Rose」「Light Blue x Light Gray」「Pink x Dark brown」「Taupe x Pink」「Velvet Green x Light Gray」「Black x Pink」

▼Compatible Models
iPhone 8/7
iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 12、iPhone 12 mini、iPhone 12 Pro、iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone SE

German Shrunken Calf Folio Case:¥18,000 (tax not included)

【German Shrunken Calf Multi Folio Case】
It is a multi-model organizer case that can be used by Android users as well as iPhone users.
The inside of the folio case has a card pocket that can hold three cards as well as an iPhone case, and a larger pocket for receipts, memos, etc. It is also very functional. The sliding multi-case is compatible with devices within 75mm (width) x 150mm (height) (up to 6.0 inches equivalent) (*), and secures the device with an adhesive sticker. By sliding it upward, you can take photos without removing it from the case. It also allows you to stand your smartphone up, so you can watch videos and enjoy your time at home comfortably.
It will be available in 6 colors:「Pink×Taupe」「Light Gray×Purple Rose」「Taupe×Pink」「Purple Rose×Black」「Light Blue×Light Gray」「Velvet Green×Light Gray」6 colors.

*This product is not compatible with all devices. Depending on the position of the product, the camera lens or light may be hidden. Depending on the shape of the back of the device, the uneven design of the camera lens, or the material, some devices may not be able to absorb the product or it may be difficult to absorb the product.

German Shrunken Calf Multi Folio Case:¥18,000 (tax not included)

【German Shrunken Calf Phone Case】
Smartphones and tablets have become indispensable in our lives as modern society progresses. We carry them around with us wherever we go, and they have become a “tool of daily life”. We are now living in an age where we can go out with only one smartphone and small items such as a handkerchief or keys in a smart product like the Phone Case. This product is available in two sizes: a small size that can hold only a smartphone and small items such as keys, and a large size that can hold an iPad up to 11 inches. The product is available in 3 colors:「Light Blue×Light Gray」「Light Gray×Orange」「Orange×Light Gray」

German Shrunken Calf Phone Case Small With Pass Case:Height 18×Width 12×Depth 4.5cm
German Shrunken Calf Phone Case Large With Pass Case:Height 26×Width 20×Depth 9.5cm

German Shrunken Calf Phone Case Small With Pass Case:¥33,000 (tax not included)
German Shrunken Calf Phone Case Large With Pass Case:¥45,000 (tax not included)

■Brand website:

・FOX STORE Hankyu Men’s Tokyo (Hankyu Men’s Tokyo 7th Floor, 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
・FOX STORE HINKA RINKA Ginza (Tokyu Plaza Ginza 3rd floor HINKA RINKA 1st, 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
・FOX STORE Umeda Main Store (Hankyu Department Store 8-7 Kakuda-cho,Kita-ku,Osaka)

■Company Profile
Corporate Name FOX.INC
Co-Founder / CEO Michinori Isohata
HEAD OFFICE 10F X-PRESS Yurakucho Bldg. 2-2-1 Yurakucho,Chiyoda,Tokyo
100-0006, JPN
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<About FOX Business>
Since the establishment, FOX has developed a wide range of procurement channels from overseas and a variety of sales channels in Japan and has been developing overseas products in the domestic market with a focus on branding and promotion for the Japanese market. FOX carefully select cases, accessories, and IoT products, mainly for smartphones and tablets, from around the world, and promote our business based on the concept of proposing products and services that add surprise and excitement to customers’ lifestyles. Based on the solid connections and know-how cultivated in the past, FOX are not only an import and sales agent, but also a platform for overseas manufacturers to enter the Japanese market, support for domestic manufacturers to expand their sales channels, and consulting services for each manufacturer’s product development in a wide range of fields from product development to service development. FOX would continue to provide consistent support and innovative solutions from the discovery of issues to their resolution from a new perspective of “designing business”.





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